July 26, 2014

Beautiful red shoes

Report from our correspondent French designer Christian Louboutin red bottom shoes fascinates many actresses and fans deeply, christian louboutin canada now even Kate princess also can't resist the charm of red bottom XieWang. According to Christian Louboutin recently surveyed said a words, according to Victoria who gave the duchess of Cambridge, UK, Kate a pair of Christian Louboutin boots, when the princess grace after wear it in public, has attracted the attention of the red bottom XieWang. Christian Louboutin said: "I fully respect the practice of Kate, I know that Victoria Beckham gave her, I design christian louboutin outlet the boots it looks good on Kate, but also by photographer captured."

High heels as indispensable summer shoes, has been a star type,Christian louboutin montreal people's favorite. And white high-heeled shoes in both color and match, is to improve quality and the most practical item favorability. It is simple and relaxed, applies to commute occasions, and can easily play party modelling. If you think the white high heels too drab, might as well the collocation of color is revealing clothing, bags and collocation, both to have the goddess of elegance and show your good taste. Hollow Canada christian louboutin outlet out, rivets, diamond, minimalist style, there is always a will make you enchanted.

Fashion first socialite Olivia Palermo (Olivia Palermo) newly married soon and have a new watch for: following with Westard Christian louboutin shoes discount Leaning after launch joint sunglasses, crossover again played the shoes design. With excellent wear take skills of many fashion powder favored her hard in his own blog yesterday announced it would cooperate with Italian footwear brand AQUAZZURA, christian louboutin launch AQUAZZURA x OLIVIA PALERMO series, OP is still in his official blog first exposes three beautiful shoes in the manuscript.

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July 23, 2014

The classic 9 kinds of high heels

A lot of shoes, as women we really need to go to work, take to the streets, shopping, vacation, date... Despite the wide Christian louboutin montreal variety of shoe money happy, at the same time in the face of more choice and collocation, may let us just and fashion. So let's return to simple, documentary shoes is a pair of basic high you can put on foot every day to go anywhere in the shoe. Classic Canada christian louboutin outlet high-heeled shoes of nine possible, is it possible to solve all your problems?You will find that the little black shoes for forever, no matter you fair maiden, rock, handsome today, can't waste your mind a black high-heeled shoes, my feet firmly forward.

Now nude like our skin as important, it is the saviour of important occasions, such as attending wedding, others such as the cocktail party, party, such as the awards ceremony, Christian louboutin canada outlet when you do not have a pair of high heels can stand up nude heel can completely perfect end for you.Who can not over a pair of red high-heeled shoes? Flavour of red wine or flame is red, from toe drag sex appeal has been to heel, sexy flowed over christian louboutin the floor, and hide in your suit or dress, sweet like a little finger hook, dryly people will produce.

Printing can make high heels become a beautiful works of art, graffiti shows the pop art in the 70 s, the colours of the imbroglio tied down time. While the geometric prints show the symmetrical aesthetics and asymmetrical aesthetics,christian louboutin canada back in the '60 s fashion style. Will step on different artistic elements, to meet every s beautiful.Serpentine popular again in 2013, explain the rare and noble elegant appearance, it has always been a symbol of luxury, so unlike red high-heeled shoes, it's more enchanting a swagger, how a wild it sexy.

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July 18, 2014

Summer fashion shoes joker

High-heeled shoes is a symbol of sexy, beautiful leg and high-heeled shoes, don't attract eyeball. Women wear high heels, Christian louboutin shoes discount the pelvis will forward, gravity line forward, in order to maintain stability, certainly will take hold out a bosom, waist and back and ass posture to reestablish equilibrium, of the female curvaceous and therefore get the best display. After wearing Christian louboutin sale authentic high heels, accelerating the whole spinal degenerative changes in human body, maintain excessive and persistent after stretch of the lumbar spine, waist is in a state of tense contraction and long-term strain of lumbar muscles.

Romantic breath, long history, rich cultural deposits and constant innovation, advance with The Times, seems to be more get the favour of consumers, and Laura Nick's charm. Laura Nick itself is a beautiful love story, it contains the meaning of love and thick soft heart deeply impressed by women, christian louboutin canada which contains the courage to pursue love also have certainly women, the most important is the perfect design of roller Nick is the integration of British queen air fan and a blend of Oriental female beauty implicative inside collect, all of these make the roller Christian louboutin shoes discount admanshand.ca/brand/canada.asp?id=267 Nick shoes is sending out the charming atmosphere, let the women in one fell swoop madly, unable to extricate themselves.

Laura Nick's classic meaning to satisfy the 18-48 urban white-collar interpretation to beauty, at the same time, constantly updated technology and perfect streamline design completely conquered every love beautiful woman's heart. Laura Nick is a team of professional, is a top team composed of doctor, master of Peking University, its self-developed Christian louboutin montreal software, build IT engineering, analysis of network data and gathering information around the world, mainly devoted to the study of human body engineering, material analysis, production and sales process optimization.

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July 16, 2014

"Tired sleep love" sexy high heels

"I can't wear high heels." Popular footwear designer Tracy (nils Tracey Neuls) Christian louboutin montreal sitting in the east end of London shops loudly confessed, "I can't imagine your Canada christian louboutin outlet tiptoe, careful, counteract a walk, I really don't understand those hard crammed into high heels, and it's uncomfortable to walk of a woman, why are they so torture yourself?"

Tracy shops of the same name Tracey Neuls is located in the west end Christian louboutin shoes discount of the red church street, near the boisterous brick lane, about 10 square meters outside the shop brush for a fluorescent orange frame, and Tracy shoes the color of the mutual reflect. In addition to the red church street shops, she also has a shop in west London, located at Marylebone (Marylebone), two stores are small and exquisite.

Love smile of tracey grew up in Canada, vancouver island, about 20 years ago, Christian louboutin canada outlet she came to work and study in London, after graduated from London that is designed to teach cortex Cordwainers College. From the age of 9, appreciate shoes she began to "do all" Christian louboutin sale authentic type with paper rolls of paper core, hard board, paper and stapler diy shoes, "my mother had turned a blind eye to let I wore them on the street".

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July 12, 2014

Brand shoes to meet women love beautiful heart

Designers on the Christian louboutin montreal design of the loafers at pains, also one of the biggest bright spot is the humorous cartoon element is blended in among them. Like a lot of Canada christian louboutin outlet loafers elements are joined in the cartoon, animal models, wacky design and pattern let loafers have let a person see the changed expression in stitches. So, choose a pair of loafers for yourself in the summer, you can have a standard, which is able to make you laugh while see loafers, must be a good loafers.

Loafers English original word the meaning of the word "Loaf" refers to a Christian louboutin shoes discount kind of leisure lifestyle, and represents a Loafer is a group of people who have this comfortable life of leisure attitude, and loafers itself, that is, on behalf of the free unfettered attitude towards life. Therefore, the most suitable for summer loafers is colorful, so is very popular this summer of high bright color shoes, such as bright pink, fluorspar yellow, grass green, blue, etc., are all loafers Christian louboutin canada outlet this summer colors.

Or so different is the pair! Two feet color and pattern is not loafers fashion of DNA, one of the most popular loafers should be left foot right foot is not the same. Like Italian fashion bloggers Chiara Ferragni launched many new loafers, Christian louboutin sale authentic has a pair of loafers with one foot in the vamp a lipstick, the other foot is painted with flaming lips, and the other a pair of loafers a vamp appeared two fingers to wipe the nail polish, but another shoe surface is nail polish, mutual echo again not the same, very whimsy.

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